Jumper Units
Wacky Fun House Jumper/Slide Combo
19' wide x 20.6' deep 15' tall Max. occupancy Weight: 900 lbs. (150 lbs. ea.) Jump, Slide, Shoot some hoops, and Play Twister too! This unit has a slide, a basketball hoop on the outside of the unit and a Twister game imprint on the floor of the Jumping area for extra fun! Balls not provided
Space Camp Jumper/Slide Combo
19' wide x 20.6' deep 15' tall Jump, Climb, and Slide! Max. occupancy weight: 900 lbs. (150 lbs. each) This Jumper/Slide Combo is Octagon shaped so there is more room to Jump! Stairway to slide is separated by netting.
All Star Jumper/Slide Combo
15'w x 15'L x 17'H Jumper/Slide/Basketball Hoop Jumping area is 9' x 11' Slide is 12' Jumping area,stairway, and slide are each completely separated by netting. Basketball hoop is on outside of unit. Kids love this unit! Basketballs not provided
It's a Girl Thing Jumper/Slide Combo Unit
18'4" L x 15'10" W x 14'6" H
Toy Story Jumper/Slide Combo
Cars Jumper Slide Combo
Jurassic Park Jumper/Slide Combo
15' x 15' Jumper/Slide Combo
16'W x 16'L x 17'H
15'W x 15'L x 17'H
15'W x 25'L x 13' tall
Sponge Guy
15'W x 15'L x 16'H
Star Defender
15' w x 15' L x 14' tall
Princess House
15'W x 15'L x 17'H
Brown Dog
15'W x 15'L x 17'H
15'W x 15'L x 20'H
Candy Factory
14.5w x 17.5L (incl. ramp) x 13' Tall
Mini Jumper
11'W x 10'L x 7'8"H
Fun House
15' x 20'L x 12'H
Hours of Rental
All rental prices are based on a "day" rental which can be anyware from 2 to 8 hrs. Delivery, set up and take down will be calculated regarding your location. This is not an hourly rental. Once the unit is set up you are responsible for the entire bill. There is no reimbursement because of weather conditions.
We can provide Attendants for your event for $10.00 an hour (each attendant)
We can provide a generator for your event
Interactive Units
Sports 5 in 1 Combo
20'x 19'x15' This is a fantastic unit! This 5-in-1 Combo has a basketball hoop, log and pop up obstacles, jumping area and slide. There are 360 degree mesh sides for clear view all around the unit.
27'L x 16'w x 17' tall Climb, Slide, Jump and play on a Pirate Ship. Designed as a combination climb and slide and bouncer. It has an 8' slide. Max weight pp: 200 lbs. Max number of players: 8
18'W x 55'L x 14'H This is alot like the McDonalds playplace except it is inflated. It is important not to hold the front or back entrance open for any extended time as the unit will start to deflate. The Kiddiepillar has a mini slide, pop ups, things to sit on, windows to look out of and a long area to climb through and explore! designed for Toddlers power access should be discussed.
Milenium Obstacle Course
14' w x 51' L x 16'6' tall Min. height 42" Max height 60" Max. Occupancy Weight 600 lbs. (150 lbs. each) This 51' Obstacle challenge is very popular for all ages. Good for backyard parties and large events too. Safe but challenging. Climb through tubes, squeeze through obstacles, up a climbing wall and down. Race your opponent as it accomodates two players at a time. This unit has 2 blowers, please discuss power options.
Fire Truck Slide
11'W x 28'L x 18'H The 18' Firetruck slide is fast and fun! It looks exactly like a Firetruck! Good for teens and kids. Very popular unit for Birthday parties and large events.
Giant Slide
15'W x 33'L x 24'H The 24' slide is fast and fun! It is perfect for all events. It is good for kids and adults. This slide is our most rented slide!
Water Slide
9'W x 32'L x 16'H Backyard water slide for kids 12 and under. Water level for pool is 6" and indicated on side of pool. This is not a slide that has a constant source of water flowing down the slide, so a water source needs to be close, or you could use a bucket and splash water on the slide surface should it start to dry off. Customer responsible for hosing off before take down. Customer provides water, hose, bucket. Not for Adults
Dunk Tank
Find a volunteer to sit on the bench above the tub of water, while friends throw balls at the target that will release the bench and dump the unsuspecting volunteer into the tub of water! There is a plexiglass window in the front of the tub so everyone can watch the volunteers' reaction as they submerge into the cold water! Great fun on a hot day! Customer provides water and hose. Replacement balls $5.00 Ages 8-Adult